Antiques Roadshow Christmas Special w/ TOO MANY STARS

Antiques Roadshow, man. I could smoke a B and watch these folks talk about attic crap for days, so – when it came time to pick a theme for a holiday video – I called up 28 of my best friends, invited them to YouTube Space LA and asked them to bullshit along with my hastily-written two-act outline.

The result is our Antiques Roadshow Christmas Special, featuring; Jamie Kaler (Dads In Parks), Chuck McCarthy (The People Walker), Cody Renee Cameron (Hot Couple Cam Show), Justin Miles (Cooking For Dads), Destinee Handly (Gaslight), Shad Hernandez (Pickup Truck Documentary), Whitney Barncord (Back on the Blades), Dehlia Ford-Feliz, Amy McRoberts & Benjamin Voelker.

Take a deep breath before you watch, ’cause it’s probably 300 percent longer than 80 percent of YouTube viewers’ attention spans. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel for more Christmas comedy.