Pickup Truck Documentary

Pickup, Truck is one of our most successful pretentious documentaries. The video – which was shot during an afternoon in Venice Beach, Playa Del Rey, Marina Del Rey and El Segundo – reached Immortal Status on FunnyOrDie and catapulted its anti-hero Shad Hernandez into stardom as the poster child for the Friend with a Truck conundrum: If you only call your friend with a truck when you need to haul something, is he or she really your friend?

If you enjoy Shad in this truck documentary, you’ll love him in Cooking For Dads, Cooking For Singles and our Antiques Roadshow Christmas Special.

And, if you’re feeling truly inspired, you can watch Pickup, Truck with indulgent director commentary here. Subscribe to the JasonSereno.com YouTube Channel to watch all of our pretentious documentaries.