Corvette Stepdad is Kind of a Dick | Schmotts

Back in 2010, my New Years resolution was to attend every party I was invited to through the calendar year. The only stipulations were there could be no line, suggested donation or dress code (sweatpants mode is 6pm-8am). And – of course – the party couldn’t take place in Burbank.

I hate Burbank, man.

It was during The Year of the Tiger (that’s what the communists called it) that I met Missouri-born filmmaker and Chicago Bulls fan Kyle Kenyon at a Hollywood house party. Kyle directs, edits and produces Schmotts – a real fun little series about a struggling family led by a corvette-smothering patriarch (played superbly by Matt Stauter, who also writes and produces). Schmotts walks, talks and bangs like a Grade-A TV comedy or indie feature film. After you watch the first video, view its equally-hilarious sequel below.

Also starring: Nina Concepción & AJ Salas 🙌 🙌
DPs: Mark LaFleur (ep1) & Andrew Hodgdon (ep2) 🙌 🙌
RATING: 5 out of 5 JasonSereno.coms 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 [certified hot fire in your pants!]