Werewolf Mockumentary | Gaslight

werewolf movie

CLICK HERE or on the image above to watch the highest quality version of our film on Amazon Prime (no subscription required) or read about the mockumentary’s origins and watch the YouTube version below. We won’t get mad either way.

… I was itching to do some type of horror comedy within the format of a YouTube vlog when I saw Mike Pence gaslighting the f*** out of America during the 2016 vice presidential debate, which gave me ample amounts of satirical inspiration.

Gaslight: A Werewolf Mockumentary features Destinee Handly as a woman pushed to the edge after her boyfriend and co-vlogger (me) starts acting strange following a late night animal attack. SPOILER: This artistic endeavor didn’t have much affect on the election, because those Russian-loving GOP bastards are currently in control of the White House.

Sorry for being angry and political; I just love America so much.

This 18-minute monster mockumentary also features Katy Habib, Anthony Marks, Elmo Lovano, Justin Miles (Cooking For Dads) and Jamie Kaler (Dads In Parks) as the chauvinistic radio DJ. The film was shot over two days in downtown Los Angeles and uses architecture to represent institutionalized fallacies, man.

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