About Jason Sereno [.com]

Jason Sereno of JasonSereno.com

What can JASON SERENO say about himself that hasn’t already been said by others? Well, I’m a writer – not so much of a reader, but I’ve read. Some people pay me to read and rewrite narratives or dramatize concepts into fresh yet familiar tales, but this ain’t about that popcorn shit, Jack. I want those sour Skittles.

I’m also a director and producer, which is a good tip for any aspiring writers who want their jokes to land correctly during production. And, if we’re being real, I’m also an editor, because – as a writer – being an editor is the best way to guarantee your jokes make the final cut.

… But I’ve buried the lead, which is millions and millions of YouTube views. And, yes, I was in that thing you saw; Don’t worry if you can’t remember what it was.

JASONSERENO.COM used to be an exclusive hub for my projects, but now I’ve opened the door to other creators of top-tier entertainment. If your content is the cream of the crop, submit it already. And, if you want to watch the absolute best cutting-edge 21st-century online comedy, keep coming back to JasonSereno.com.