Funny Cooking Show: Cooking For Singles (Six Episodes)

If you haven’t watched the first two installments in the epic cooking show trilogy please view the original Cooking For Dads and the sequel Cooking For Moms to enjoy Cooking For Singles in the best way possible.

… Welcome to the final chapter(s) of our satirical cooking show series. Rob (Justin Miles) is back with a new lease on life and a new sponsorship for his cooking show – which happens to be his employer. What could go wrong?

Discover the backstabbing, posturing and politics as this cooking show takes an unexpected and sexy turn. Cooking for Singles also features Shad Hernandez (Truck Documentary), Jessica Scheid, Robert Descant, Cameran Surles (The Jebediah Jacobs Story), Kimberly Kral and Anais Fairweather (Christmas Caroling Affair).

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Rob's First Date: Cooking For Singles

Watch Rob's first date in this week's episode of Cooking For Singles:

Posted by on Friday, February 19, 2016