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My Rise and Fall: The Jebediah Jacobs Story


Join Jebediah Jacobs (the Amish Skydiver) during the final days of his crazy Hollywood rumspringa in the new 22-minute pretentious documentary My Rise and Fall | The Jebediah Jacobs Story. Hollywood has chewed up and spit out Jebediah – E3, the X Games, casting calls and countless rejections. Now he’s left thinking about what really matters in life: Family. Is it time for him to go back to Lancaster and see his long-lost brother or should he press on with his Hollywood dreams? And what about the drugs? He’s been doing A LOT of drugs, man.

If you’re a history buff, you might remember that My Rise and Fall is also the title of Mussolini’s autobiography. Our My Rise and Fall (skydiving metaphor) features the remarkable talents of several Hollywood industry types, including; Jamie Kaler (Dads In Parks), Chuck McCarthy (The People Walker), Cody Renee Cameron (Hot Couple Cam Show), Cameran Surles (Cooking For Singles), Kicker Dixon (Future Roomies), Ashleigh Erwin (LoveHard), Granison Crawford and a young dude named Yoder. The doc was shot and produced by Chaz Moore with Jack Piatt and Bianca Durbin associate producing. No Amish people were harmed during filming.

Supplying the Jebediah Jacobs Story theme – Dream Is Alive – is my rock and roll brother St. Ranger (aka Shawn Harris). The tune takes on a new haunting and ironic feeling in our short film, and it’s damn perfect. Shawn is a gifted musician, lyricist, performer and artist. Purchase St. Ranger’s catalogue and listen to his podcast @

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