Amish Skydiving


Watch Jebediah Jacobs live out another exciting chapter of his never-ending rumspringa in this super viral video, which has been licensed to TV shows all over the damn world.

Will Jebediah – the Amish skydiver – ever go back to the farm or will his tale of indulgence and assimilation end predictably bad? Make sure to see our new NEW 22-MINUTE AMISH DOCUMENTARY to learn Jebediah’s fate!

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Five years ago I walked into an airport dressed as an Amish man and jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. 'Amish Man Skydiving' was one of three videos that I knew would go viral (all the others were undeserving); It passed the logline laugh test, the "easy to describe" viral title test and was created in the same format of a regular skydiving video (we call that proper parody). And then there's the happy accident of the hat acrobatics. … After the jump, I informed the staff that I wasn't Amish and they laughed their asses off. A few minutes later, my tandem partner took me aside and told me he was also an actor. "I've been in about 350 films," he said, which took me aback, because Ernest Borgnine only did about 200. "Sorry – not films," he clarified. "Scenes." Bro was an adult film star … So the question remains – was the guy strapped to my back in this video a pornstar who moonlighted as a skydiving instructor or a skydiving instructor who moonlighted in porn? My heart says the latter. At any rate, we both survived and have been no doubt making love to a comparable amount of beautiful women ever since. Click the profile link to see what Jebediah has been doing for the last five years. It gets weird. #longstory #amish #insight #amishlife #skydiving #rumspringa #jebediahjacobs #truestory #hollywood #mockumentary #tldr #parody #satire #art #youtube #youtubers #gopro

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