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Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Film | Shad Hernandez


You guys know me. I don’t go around giving full-throated endorsements of things.

Not all pizza is great. You get it.

But burgeoning comedy star Shad Hernandez, from The Get Lost Losers film, and I go way back. If you haven’t seen Shad’s pitch-perfect performance as an affable roadie, you’re – frankly – a lame-ass. He’s amazing. Buy the blu-ray or rent the film via The Get Lost Losers website.

… I met Shad 15 years ago when we worked as video game testers. He resembled a more-handsome version of Jason Lee and was famous for dominating lunchtime flag football games with his precise route running and colorful jukes. I knew immediately: this man was a threat.

But then I talked to Shad and discovered he was a real salt-of-the-earth dude. And, luckily for me, he was also an actor. A mere seven years went by before I asked him to collaborate and, by then, his Mallrats hair had been traded for a long mane and glorious beard. He’d walk his local Venice Boardwalk and the tourists’ phones would come out —

“Hell yeah, brother.”

“Can I touch it?”

“Look at that goddamn beard, honey. That’s the reason we keep coming back to Venice Beach.”

Our first project – Pick Up, Truck – was an installment in my Pretentious Documentary series on FunnyOrDie. Shad plays a pickup truck owner suffering an existential crisis. Watch it with seriously pretentious commentary below —

A year later, we asked Shad to play Carwash Jeff in our Cooking For Dads series. His portrayal of a poorly-equipped friend watching his buddy go down a rabbit hole of self-pity was a much greater use of his talents.

Shad was so popular as Carwash Jeff, we brought him back for the sequel, Cooking For Singles, and expanded his role into a sponsor-appointed co-host for every episode. The storyline featured The Social Network-levels of betrayal but Shad kept Jeff likable the entire time. Big swings. Big hits.

The Carwash Jeff-Rob story inspired so many that we created a Celine Dion-infused montage to celebrate it [spoilers].

Next, Shad played a curious man with a broken doll on our Antiques Warehouse Christmas Special. We had a lot of heavy hitters on set – including The People Walker – but Shad’s odd character truly set the tone. And he gets the last laugh.

What’s next for Shad Hernandez? Honestly, the sky is the limit. I’m just glad we were able to capture some of his football skills on celluloid for The Get Lost Losers movie. And, I’ll tell you what, that mane looks beautiful twirling through the wind.

But, on our end, The Get Lost Losers sequel probably won’t come out for a few years, so – if you know a movie producer or casting agent who needs to pump up an ensemble in the meantime (please, no long-term exclusive agreements) – tell them about this groovy brother strolling the boardwalk.

He’s the reason we keep coming back to Venice Beach too.

Casting Agents and others seeking Shad can contact Misener Management. Shad doesn’t have public social media accounts because he’s an actual artist but fans can leave him a message on The Get Lost Losers social media and we’ll relay it to him.

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