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What is social media addiction? This new Social Media Addiction series is like Intervention for YouTube and Facebook users who are taking their addiction to social media too far. Read the press release and watch the video to learn more about the new social media intervention series.

For Immediate Release:
March 1, 2018’s #KILLYOURCONTENT Breathes New Life into the Dark Days of the Internet

Sereno’s Super-Secret Social Media intervention Series is Saving Lives

LOS ANGELES — Do you have family and friends wasting countless hours on their vlogs, blogs or Instagram modeling dreams? Are these self-absorbed pursuits for fame ruining their careers, relationships and family dynamics?

Good news. Renowned American satirist and digital storyteller Jason Sereno from is going to save their lives on #KillYourContent, a social media intervention show debuting this spring.

Sereno – known for viral hits like Amish Skydiving, How to Get Laid with Facebook and Unlock the O – created the concept for the intervention documentary series after a few minor surgeries left him sidelined.

“I was recovering on my hospital bed with a head full of chemicals,” Sereno explained. “Someone loaded up the YouTube trending tab and trapped me in an unrelenting feed of self-righteous trash. I couldn’t move. It was terrible.”

Sereno, who’s mostly avoided the limelight while earning 100 million+ views online, said he became more alarmed after returning home and discovering the decrepit underbelly of social media platforms.

“The press is quick to jump on the terrible exploits of the biggest YouTubers and influencers,” Sereno said. “But millions of equally-untalented people upload content every day without making any effort to entertain. They’re complaining about trips to the grocery store and their neighbors’ barking dogs. Nobody needs to hear that crap, and nobody does, yet they still keep uploading.”

The flip-side of the mundane is the exploitative and sensational cult of content creators, which Sereno’s social media addiction series will also be targeting.

“Everyone wants to be the next Cash Me Outside Girl,” Sereno lamented. “These poor souls believe they’re one Dr. Phil or Doctor Oz or The Doctors episode away from penetrating a news cycle and earning a seven-figure payday, so they’ll risk life and limb for their digital pipe dreams. Someone needs to tell them acting batshit crazy is not a career path. That someone is me.”

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Sereno’s goal for #KillYourContent is to facilitate a return to normalcy for content creators who aren’t cut out for stardom. He and his team believe the world would be a better place if we’d all just live.

“YouTube’s recent demonetization of small channels should have been a clear sign to these ill-fated creators that the dream is dead,” Sereno said. “Neglecting your responsibilities, ignoring your loved ones and risking your safety isn’t worth any level of viral success. Our show has a simple mantra: Live your life, love your family, kill your content.”

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Watch the third bonus teaser via Jason Sereno’s personal Instagram account below.

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