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Father & Son YouTube Intervention | Kill Your Content Ep102


The latest episode of our YouTuber intervention series, Kill Your Content, features comedian Eddie Pence, his son Colton and their real-life viral adventures.

Colton, who’s has had more brushes with stardom than most adults I know, gained a terrific amount of online fame after being hit in the chest with a poorly-thrown baseball back in ’17. Do yourself a favor and don’t read the comments.

After seeing Colton’s baseball video go viral, I had PTSD-light flashbacks of my own blunders in the world of organized athletics; dribbling the basketball out of bounds in Coal City, catching a line drive with my face in Mazon, an unnecessary roughness call in Joliet (okay, that last one is kind of a brag). It’s not the amazing moments or game-winning shots we remember from youth sports but the near misses and total failures that stick with us.

So, I sent Eddie a text — “How would you like to get your boy some redemption?”

Most of my online work deals with combining reality and satire, but this was a chance for something different: taking back Eddie and Colton’s baseball video and returning the memory to its rightful owners.

This 22-minute episode is a wild ride through a real father and son’s fake quest for Internet fame, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out (no families were harmed during filming). Adding to the hilarity in this satirical mockumentary are crowd favorites Cody Renee Cameron and Chuck McCarthy. The episode was shot and produced by Chuck Moore.

Watch Kill Your Content Ep102 below. You can also read the Kill Your Content press release or watch the pilot, which features a terrible dancer intervention. Join us on a journey through satire, irony and hypocrisy as we dig deep into the souls of hopeless YouTubers.

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