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Halloween 2017 Instagram Murder | Santa Monica Promenade


Last year we released a satirical werewolf film in late October, but Halloween 2017 has been a busy time for the team. Instead of putting out another epic Halloween video, we decided to get super weird on Instagram with a tale of deceit, jealousy and murder on the Santa Monica Promenade.

… In truth, these photos are outtakes from a shoot with Los Angeles Actor Dominique Raz√≥n, but – after reviewing the pics – I was compelled to create some avant-garde social media art.

The first four installments are below. Follow this weird Halloween murder mystery every day ’til October 31st for the femme fatale fantasy of a lifetime.

#SerenoHalloween2017 [4/9] "He punishes me every night," she confessed in the promenade parking structure. "I've fantasized about ending his life; mercury in his cohibas, cyanide in his cognac, borax in his booger sugar. I even bought a pistol and practiced shooting left-handed to throw off the police, but could never pull the trigger when it counted. Besides, a spouse is always the prime suspect after a murder. Only a stranger can kill someone and get away with it." #halloween #art #storytelling #storytellingphotography #pretentious #femmefatale #spooky #scary #sexy #scarystories #santamonica #thirdstreetpromenade #promenade #reallife #dateline #losangeles #instadram #eerie #weird #murder #death #kill #SerenoHalloween

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