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New Stormy Daniels Jimmy Kimmel Interview


In this new Stormy Daniels interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the adult film star doesn’t hold back about her love affair with Donald Trump.

Stormy spills the beans in front of actress Sarah Paulson and even picks Trump’s mushroom-shaped penis out of a lineup in last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Here are some highlights —

1:40 – The ol’ Trumper lures ladies with food. Damn, this has always been one of my go-to’s. It’s time to reassess my relationships with women. #ThanksTrump

2:30 – According to Daniels, Orange Darth Vader opened the door wearing nothing but silk; If it’s Barney Stinson, that shit might be charming, but The Donald has forever ruined the silk robe stunt for the rest of us.

2:50 – Oh, Stormy shut down that silk shit real quick. Respect.

3:10 – Stormy scores a sly Russian dig. Quick and hard-hitting; That’s good TV.

4:10 – The spanking talk begins – much to the chagrin of Sarah Paulson

7:15 – A Stormy Killshot; No man wants to hear that comment about his performance on or off the bed. Jesus, ol’ 45 must be terrible at sex.

8:25 – Kimmel sends shockwaves through every place Trump’s penis has ever touched down. You almost feel sorry for the Commander in Hate but then remember he’s a huge piece of trash.

9:15 – Stormy gives out her version of The Bachelorette‘s rose to an unsuspecting candidate. Ouch.

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