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Holiday Dinner from Hell | Classic Christmas Comedy


Back in 2010, a small team and I descended upon a family’s San Fernando Valley home to shoot a Christmas dinner sketch none of us would ever forget.

The idea for the short was based on the few times I’d been forced to meet girlfriends’ parents during the holidays. The rest of the lurid dialogue came from imagining the worst sh*t the family of a significant other could reveal during a getting-to-know-you dinner.

Drugs, sex, secrets, lies, scandals, murder. This sketch has it all.

Some of the best/worst quips didn’t make the cut, which was finalized during a color grading session for a then-popular sci-fi TV show.

I’m not trying to look cool; That’s just the truth.

Killin’ it in the video is my good friend Adam Hall as our anxious everyman, Holly Kaplan as the maniacal matriarch, Gerald Boldin as the frightening father and Glenna Bree as the troubled teenager with temperament issues. There are other great actors in the video, but I’m not sure they want their names popping up in Google searches for this Christmas cringefest, so let’s just be chill and enjoy the terrible trip down memory lane —

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