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The Best WCGW Videos


WCGW (What Could Go Wrong?) videos are pretty much the 2017 version of America’s Funniest Home Videos — except America’s Funniest Home Videos is still on the air and hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro (who knew?). The best WCGW videos contain three things; planned idiocy, mild violence and white people. This is just my opinion, buds, but allow me to prove my hypothesis with a compilation of the best WCGW videos on the Internet.


All, right — this guy does wreck his shit pretty well, but think of this video as the art piece that it is. The slide represents the birth canal; Just like when Bubba was born from his mother-aunt, the launch point sends him into the real world, where actions (building a homemade two-story waterslide ramp) have tangible consequences (a bruised tailbone and moderate concussion). It’s not like 12 inches of water and a plastic liner were going to break his fall anyway.


This video is a definite step up from the first because it features two angles of a brilliant sacrifice to the Water Gods; However, there are three giveaways it’s a woefully amateur backflip attempt. 1) Vertical video. 2) The camerawoman is IN THE WIDE SHOT. 3) The jumper over-rotates 90 degrees and goes limp in mid-air. Still, if full-body pain were a sport, she’d be on the podium.


Let’s do the rubber bands around a watermelon thing in the house, what could go wrong?

Hey, what if the Stranger Things kids were little jackasses? These two brats don’t deserve the single moms who are raising them. And, no, it doesn’t take a white kid to make a watermelon explode with rubber bands, but only a white kid would even think about pulling that shit in the house. My own mother (8 percent Native American) would’ve literally shipped me off if she came home to a melon-soaked dining room — “Follow the river’s current to Missouri, you idiot.” … And she would have been right.

Trust Fall with My Weak-Ass Bros – WCGW?

trust fall fail
At first, it appears another inadvertent sibling kiss has ruined the Johnson Christmas, but it’s really more of a forehead-to-jaw collision. Next year, Terry and Mark want dumbbells for presents. Meanwhile, their brother learned the hardest lesson of all — It’s not a question of trusting people. It’s a question of trusting their abilities.


Smoke a J and Do a Backflip at Graduation – WCGW?

Do a flip..

Let’s get back on the backflip train. There’s nothing like a diploma to give you illusions of grandeur. This poor guy obviously never attempted a backflip before and had no business busting one out in front of his family, friends and every other person he knows (I’m guessing it’s a high school ceremony due to the dudes wearing Vans).

Thanks to this one terrible decision, Sir Smokes-A-Lot will be forever known as the longhaired guy who fell on his mug at graduation. He can still move away and start over, but any type of normal life in this community is out the window. Godspeed, young man.

College Graduation Backflip – WCGW?

See, do you notice how these college kids are wearing dress shoes? When the diploma costs $150K, you put on proper loafers for mom and dad. This poor son of a bitch at Davenport University slams his face offscreen, but the reactions from the school administrators make it worthwhile; You know the university types are all thinking the same thing — “Are these the kind of jackasses we’re churning out at D-U?”


Old Men On an Oversized Seasaw – WCGW?

You’re too old for this shit…

Not to be outdone by the whipper snappers, my favorite WCGW video has to be these fourteen old-timers f*cking up a giant teeter-totter; Ol’ Blue in the middle decides he wants to stand on the 50-yard line and all but four of these elderly adventurers pay the price. I’d say the gentleman third from the right and the fella to the immediate right of Blue got it the worst, but most of these guys were scheduled for new hips anyhow.

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