ATTN Musicians: Do You Want to Be In Their Band?

Los Angeles Musicians – Do you want to be in their band? Yak Menrique and David Brown from Private Street need to know. Also, do you have a place for them to stay? No bigs.

I literally dreamed up this concept (in the dream, one person was asking to join a band, which seemed needy on the surface and didn’t speak to me as #art), and approached Yak and David about it. What you see here was shot during a 15-minute walking/spitballing sessions to the end of Yak’s street and back. We had a few bits planned, but a lot of it (including the wall slap) manifested in the heat of the moment.

“Do You Want to Be in Our Band?” has been featured on sites and festivals all over the world, including a Best of Sketch night at UCB Sunset. Look for Yak and David to be huge stars very soon; They’re literally the funniest actors I know, and we’d probably work together more if I wasn’t such a tremendous asshole.

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